Monday, June 29, 2009

The times today

Well if you watch the news, it terrifies someone to think about what is going on in the world, it is so sad but I guess that is what happens in the world. I think the main thing to remember is to better the world around you that you can personally affect. I have the opportunity with my current job to help people day in and day out, it is amazing. Granted it is all work related but you know it has to start somewhere. Recently, while I was moving, love my new place, I had the opportunity to go through all the crap that was in that house and found a ton of stuff I didn't need and gave it all away to someone I knew who had absolutely nothing, the feeling of watching them graciously receive the gifts is something that I want to try and acheive through a whole new level. Also recently with work we were able to go and build a playground with others in the area and to watch the kids faces after we were done could literally bring tears to your eyes, they didn't ask for it it was given to them and to have a mere little role in achieving that end goal is great. My boyfriend day in and day out reminds me to not take advantage of what we have and to either use it or give it to someone that will use it. I am greatful for these lessons that are provided day in and day out by him. He means the world and I am learning so much from him, it is a new relationship but so nice!! It is nice to be reminded everyday just how special you are and how beautiful you are. Life is about making sure that those around you feel special and that those you come into contact with remember how it felt to be helped and hopefully they will help someone else that needs it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday 26!!

Well today was my birthday, happy 26 to me!! It was a rough day but oh well another year down and many many more to go. I have decided there are a few things that I want to accomplish before I turn 27. I finally want to nip this whole weight thing in the bud, it isn't hard it is something that has to be a priority and then has to be a way of life, so bring it on. It was just a rough day at work, my family life, and then I realized that i am turning older and older and my life still isn't all figured out. Oh well. So today I got up and went to work and then got slammed with trouble and had to fix that and then dealing with the family issues and it was an emotional day. I got a tea set for my birthday from the wonderful boy Andrew, yeah new year of life new boy. We have fun and he has been there through a lot, so i am happy with life right now. Anyhow back to the day. After I got off work Andrew took me to my favorite beach where he gave me my cards and then I opened the tea set that I had eyed at the store earlier that weekend. So that was nice, then I had him come over and he cooked my dinner, yep ladies a man that can cook that is a good combo. It was shrimp wrapped in bacon with rice, yum yum and then his Mom made me a cheesecake, lets just say that it was absolutely the best meal I had ever had in a long time. Good Stuff!! I know that 26 will bring a lot of new and interesting challenges and I am ready for them. I am getting all my jewelry together and hopefully open a website here soon and get that going and seeing what can happen there. I am alsmost to graduation and I am really excited about that!! SO good bye 25 and welcome in 26!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most Recent Developments

Well life is going good if you count a bladder infection and a cold from the depths of satans underworlds a good thing, but it makes for hilarium when you start talking to people and it supprises them that your voice is as deep as it is. Life has been treating me pretty good lately, I imagine. I am still regrouping from the recent break up last month but there are great things in store for me, I can taste it. Trust me I will update everyone soon!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Tough Times, New Beginnings

Well recently I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. We are on two seperate paths, I need marriage and he isn't sure if he wants too. I guess you would think that placed in the situation of losing me or getting married that you would think that them picking marriage out of losing you would be the most logical answer to me. But unfortunately this story between me and Darryl doesn't have the best of endings, we are done and over. It is sad to watch someone who holds such a spot in your heart disappear, it is too hard to be friends, I am sincerely trying but I guess part of me still holds out that he said he didn't want that, not now or ever really. A part of you dies in essence when you hear the word no uttered out of the lips of someone whom you love, but I guess life is about what we do when we hear "no's" I guess life can't be all daisies and roses and I love you's but big decisions. Man, what I wouldn't give to be a kid again whose main goal was to get messy and dirty outside enjoying everything. Sometimes when I look back, I didn't expect to see myself here at 25, feeling the need to have a marriage and kids, and watching someone leave out of my life and then having someone else besides that person in your life, sometimes I feel like rebounding so fast makes the past not exist. Am I worried no one will want to be married to me in life, nah, it just unfortunately isn't the person that I wanted it to be, but just as always it is in God's hands and i am just the follower of the road. Will I be ok? YES. Right now does the mere thought of being his friend make me cry, yes, but i am not sure if I am ready to completely let go, but I have too. It isn't fair to those who are to follow Darryl to have hang ups about where we are. So I guess what I am trying to say is goodbye with the old and in with the new. I don't know what life is going to hold for me, but I was created with a huge heart, a pretty smile, and a strong set of shoulders to carry anyone including myself through whatever the world throws at me. Bring it on, I can handle it and with a smile at that!!!

I just heard great news!! My sister might be a mommy come this summer!! I know that she will be a great mom and has been waiting a long time. Just wanted to let you know sister I love ya and am always here and am so excited to meet the new one!! They are going to adopt a family members of her husbands new born child down in Guatemala. I love you!!!