Monday, June 29, 2009

The times today

Well if you watch the news, it terrifies someone to think about what is going on in the world, it is so sad but I guess that is what happens in the world. I think the main thing to remember is to better the world around you that you can personally affect. I have the opportunity with my current job to help people day in and day out, it is amazing. Granted it is all work related but you know it has to start somewhere. Recently, while I was moving, love my new place, I had the opportunity to go through all the crap that was in that house and found a ton of stuff I didn't need and gave it all away to someone I knew who had absolutely nothing, the feeling of watching them graciously receive the gifts is something that I want to try and acheive through a whole new level. Also recently with work we were able to go and build a playground with others in the area and to watch the kids faces after we were done could literally bring tears to your eyes, they didn't ask for it it was given to them and to have a mere little role in achieving that end goal is great. My boyfriend day in and day out reminds me to not take advantage of what we have and to either use it or give it to someone that will use it. I am greatful for these lessons that are provided day in and day out by him. He means the world and I am learning so much from him, it is a new relationship but so nice!! It is nice to be reminded everyday just how special you are and how beautiful you are. Life is about making sure that those around you feel special and that those you come into contact with remember how it felt to be helped and hopefully they will help someone else that needs it.

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